UYDV nursery and primary school

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Kampala, Uganda via
Kayanja Philip Titibya
uyfdproject [at] yahoo [dot] com
+256 751 412 161 (Office) / +256 775 544 858 (Cell)

United Youth For Development (UYFD), is a Christian community based organization, registered in Uganda under Lubaga division Reg. LUB/490. UYFD provides support services to children and youths as well as the teachers who are teaching the little ones at our school which is at grassroots with infants per now, we are surrounded by slums Nabweru, Katoogo and Kawaala.

Project Focus:
UYFD aims at creating opportunities and empowering vulnerable young people to live a lifelong commitment to active citizenship, through Education and Health services. All these are Self-help project components focusing towards social and economic emancipation of local communities.

UYFD follows the values and principles of Christianity; however, we admit and work with all denominations without any discrimination whatsoever.

Situation Analysis of our area of operation:

Our project area has a population of more than 800 Children and Youth who are largely vulnerable, destitute and socially underprivileged. Most of them lost their parents to AIDS and other diseases. Families in these communities, some of them child-headed, live below the poverty line. Only a few children can access Education and Health facilities. Majority is malnourished; often suffering from Tape worms + Malaria, and braves the mosquitoes and many suffering child abuse, violence and negligence of irresponsible parents. Communities suffer scarcity of water. Children fetch water for domestic use from distant unsafe wells, and reaching home to help themselves, remember these are kids of 4-12 years.

Given the increasing impact of HIV-AIDS, continued climate changes and price fluctuations in the agricultural sector (destroyed families income backbone as far as Uganda is concern with agricultural), many parents cannot effectively support their dependants with basic needs like feeding, medical care, clothing and scholastic materials.

CORE VALUES: - Being Selfless and Hard working - Encouraging the young generation - Proper Accountability - Love Children with Empathy - Willingly to work with anyone for a better - Trusting God
UYFD basically has several thematic interventional areas with an overarching arm to poverty reduction and improved Social well-being. These include: - (a) Children / Youth Education Programs: • This intervention aims at creating access to increased learning opportunities for young people as well as improving the quality of education in these communities. • UYFD runs ALPHA and OMEGA School at a very infant level for a moment at almost since parents pay little for a small allowance of the two teachers attending and teaching our children. • Providing free education to this will create a future to many children. Our challenge many parents want to bring their children but we have no capacity, equipments to sustain the needful so for a moment we 38 children from nursery to level 2,hoping to grow by one class each year with future plans. The children’s parents/guardians (mostly grandmothers) are too poor to pay for meals and other scholastic materials required at the government aided schools under Universal Primary Education program. The school will be full open to all needy and orphans children incase of any support from around the world. • Hygiene in our school is strictly enforced (including, hand washing with soap before and after eating, also after visiting the toilet; drinking boiled water, brushing teeth and bathing). This again is followed by our outreach program where we reach out to the parents/guardians of these kids, to sensitize them on the same and proper care of the children, since we want our children to practice what we teach them even at home. (b) Youths Programs: This program is designed to educate and develop young people through sport and Drama. It acts as a mobilizing tool for identification of key local volunteers and a delivery mechanism for Awareness campaigns and prevention strategies. Competitions among community villages and schools, offer the opportunity to engage youth in activities that build their knowledge and skills to protect themselves from crime and HIV + STD infections. The Sports program is designed to help children develop physical skills, appreciate exercise, make friends, enhance a sense of belonging as social beings, have fun away from misery, learn to share and play as members of a team, and improve on their self-esteem. It is also aimed at addressing economic development by providing a cheap method of improving employability, especially among the youth by teaching core skills essential for the local work place such as teamwork, leadership, discipline and the values of collective effort – having it in mind that the attitudes and behaviours taught to children through sports carry over to adult life in the wider community. Music ,dance and drama program as a therapeutic forum where the teens express themselves by telling their stories, share their experiences and act plays out of them as a way of learning and encouraging each other to live on as well as using the same platform to disseminate positive social living practices and information to communities. (c) Door to Door Outreach: This is an outreach program done under the grassroots education campaign. It is aimed at working in partnership with the mothers/guardians who look after the children. We reach out to them regularly for sensitization on Hygiene, while enforcing our practices at school into the households where the children live, like drinking boiled water, hand washing, nutritious feeding of children, food security and general basic care for children. This is always a fun filled day of getting to know the children’s homes and interacting with the community, thus providing an arena to better meet their needs. Through our school we have been able to mobilize the guardians and other members of the community to discuss / teach about significant issues affecting the development of our community as a whole, since at UYFD, we believe that for development to take, community members themselves should be involved. Families, neighbors, schools, religious and other community institutions all play significant roles in shaping young people’s education and behaviors. We also got a feeling of organizing several community training workshops including; Family Planning (FP) in future – whose aim is to sensitize and convince men to appreciate FP and produce children that they can manage, given their role as decision makers and providers of support in families, HIV/AIDS Testing and Counseling, Malaria control and distribution of mosquito nets, Hygiene for Life and Environment conservation. (d) Other future programs for young people: • Vocational training for youth • Food services for creation of employment amongst youth • Computer center for computer knowledge • HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing center

P.O. Box 31613, Kampala, Uganda

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