Volunteer 4 Africa

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Volunteer 4 Africa is a non profit organization that disseminates information about volunteer opportunities and the wish lists of host organizations and charities. In essence, a one-stop shop for volunteers and responsible travellers interested in making a difference.

The V4A database is for people of all nationalities, backgrounds and ages.
Projects range from 1 week to 1 year.
Generally, most projects do not require any specialist qualifications. However, some of the more challenging positions may require you to have a university degree or vocational qualification. Some organizations require volunteers to have previous experience in a particular type of work (i.e. veterinary experience). However, the majority of organizations included on our database require no previous work experience or formal skills.
A diverse and interesting range of environmental and humanitarian projects are included on the database. They range from being an eco guide on a humpback whale conservation project to helping out at orphanages.
The V4A database provides a diverse and worthwhile selection of volunteering opportunities to choose from for all budgets.

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