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Cofradía, Honduras via
Liz Faris
cbecvolunteer [at] gmail [dot] com

Do you have a passion for helping?  Love kids?  Interested in getting teaching experience?  Looking for something new?  Come volunteer with us at CBEC! We are a bilingual school located in Cofradia Cortes, Honduras.  Our goal is to offer an affordable bilingual education without sacrificing quality.  Our students are from families that could previously not afford to attend a bilingual school. The key to our success is native or near-native English-speakers who are willing to come volunteer and help us in our mission.  We offer housing and food, as well as teacher training.  It's a great opportunity to get teaching experience, learn Spanish, live in a different country, or just try something different!

We are looking for volunteers who are over 18 years of age. We have placements for up to 4 volunteers. Living in Honduras is not always easy, so we are looking for people who are able to be flexible and are willing to work hard for the benefit of the kids.
We are primarily looking for volunteers who can stay for at least 3 months and up to for the whole school year (10 months). Consistency is very important for our students' learning process so we are ideally looking for long-term volunteers.
No Spanish language or prior teaching experience is required. We are looking for passionate, hardworking people who are willing to immerse themselves in the community and be flexible in the face of any obstacles that should arise.
Teaching English
There is no cost to the volunteer. Volunteers are provided with housing and food.

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Residencia San Jeronimo, Cofradía, Honduras

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