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Antigua, Guatemala via
Carlota Morales
experience [at] ninosdeguatemala [dot] org

A Volunteer Group with Niños de Guatemala is an unforgettable service learning trip for a group of people who want to learn more about Guatemala, the community we serve, the work we are doing, and also want to lend a helping hand.

The objective of a volunteer trip program is to involve volunteers in community-based service projects and to give volunteers opportunities to learn and work with the communities to foster an experience where both participants and the local community members are exposed to alternative forms of living. Being completely immersed into diverse environments enables participants to experience, discuss, and understand social issues in a significant way; encouraging a broader understanding of the world and our role within the global context of development.

NDG welcomes all kinds of groups from all walks of life. From medical and teaching professionals to high school groups, fraternities/sororities, mission teams and others. Regardless of type, Volunteer Groups are a great opportunity to enhance your understanding of Niños de Guatemala´s mission, to help us break the cycle of poverty and  build a better future for the next generation of Guatemalans.

Volunteer Groups Requirements -Be flexible, motivated and willing to change children's lives. -A positive attitude -An appreciation of new cultures that will help you settle in Guatemala and enjoy all of the new experiences; -Be 18 years old or older (Exceptions can be made with under age volunteers who come with theirs parents) -The groups should have a minimum of 6 people, and a maximum of 15. You can bring double teams (2 teams of 15 or less, but this means that you need a “Group leader” for every 15 people) -Every group should assign a “Group leader”.
-Commit to at least 1 week of volunteer work.
Volunteer work options Groups participate in a lot of fun, educational projects and activities that they implement with different students during their time with us. Here are some examples of what volunteers can do: Infrastructure: construction, painting, furniture and others Tutoring Classroom Assistance English Classroom Assistance Artistic Expression Workshops Sports Workshops Summer School (Only in November) Gardening We welcome new ideas!!
Feel free to contact the Volunteer and Groups Manager for further information about costs of the "Volunteer Groups"

Antigua, Guatemala

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