Volunteer, Intern at Openmind Projects Training Center in Thailand

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Mueang Nong Khai, Thailand via kindly anonymous
Gaweechat J.
info [at] openmindprojects [dot] net

What do we do at our Training Center.

Volunteers are welcome to stay at our Center to train our trainees from Thailand, Lao, Cambodia and Burma/Myanmar and also to teach at local schools.

Volunteers and interns with special skill help us with research and rdevelopmen.

During the school holidays, in October and April, children from local schools stay with us for our Holiday Camps. They learn English, computer skills, and global and environmental awareness - while having fun!

The Center also hosts the acclaimed Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training, for volunteers, free for three days preparing for their projects. We invite young, underprivileged people from the projects we support in Thailand, Laos, Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, and Nepal to stay with us as trainees.

Where is our Center? The Training Center is located in Nong Khai, in the northeast of Thailand

Trainees - Who are our trainees? Our trainees come from the field projects we support in Thailand, Laos, Burma/Myanmar and Cambodia. They are young people from with limited access to education. We provide them with training, free meals and accommodation.

Why train trainees? We want to give underprivileged people better opportunities for learning. We believe that learning is cheaper and better than teaching, so we teach our trainees to become independent, lifelong learners. After staying with us they go back to help their friends, go on to study or get a better job. Our idea is to let local talent help and inspire local talent. Our trainees can pass on their new skills to their own communities once they leave us.

We welcome longer or short term volunteers to train our trainees and also teach at a local school!

Development work as volunteer or intern.

Whether you've just finished your studies, you're taking a break from your job or you've retired, volunteer and intern working with us will give you a chance to experience the culture of SE Asia.

We are particularly looking for people to help us with IT support and teaching and learning development. We are also looking to expand our online promotion and social media presence and strategies.

Development volunteers and interns stay at least 3 months or more.

Why? The projects we support often have very limited access to resources, and therefore we offer them our services - including trained volunteers and equipment donation. We do not employ overseas staff, only local people but welcome volunteers and interns to help with our development and administration work.

We rely on people who are willing to work for us on a voluntary basis and so we make the most of all the skills and experience offered to us. This way we can offer volunteers very low fees that still cover most of their local living expenses, including accommodation and food.

You're welcome to stay at our Training Center or we can help you find alternative accommodation in Nong Khai if you prefer to have more independence or privacy.

Our free three-day Volunteer & Cross Cultural Training prepares you for life in Nong Khai by teaching you some basic Thai language and cultural awareness.

minimum age 18 years old.
Duration: Less than 3 months Time commitment: Full time (30-40 hours/week) Times of day Mornings Afternoons Days of week: Weekdays Schedule: Flexible schedule Start and end dates: Flexible, but recommended to start with the monthly volunteer training
IT, Teaching, Environment, English
Development work as volunteer or intern.
Free or € 255 First 1-2 weeks at placement. (depending on volunteer/intern skills and experiences)

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Openmind Projects Foundation 856/9 moo15, Mueang Nong Khai, Thailand

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