Volunteer with a local School in Uganda

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Masaka, Uganda via kindly anonymous
Godfrey Zaake
zaakefrey [at] gmail [dot] com
skype: zakegdf

Volunteer with a local school to teach Environment related knowledge and raise school gardens.

Many schools in our community still struggle with challenges possed by climate change and the need to improve the learning environment for the studentd/ pupils.

This program is a hands-on environment education program where you will work with students/pupils in our Eco-schools; sensitize them about environment protection, climate change and its effects, waste management, conduct on school tree planting and in communities around their schools.

Volunteers are also welcome to work with these schools to teach in some of the under staffed school.

Volunteer interested in outdoor teaching and sports coaching in these schools are also welcome.

Tasks/Duties:  Some of your tasks as a volunteer include the following;

•         Educate students/pupils on environment protection, growing healthier food in their school gardens and other best practices.

•         Establish orchards (fruit tree gardens) with the pupils in different eco schools.

•         Take students/pupils to explore natural surroundings

•         Interact with pupils to develop their English skills.

•         Develop an outdoor curriculum for sports, scouts etc.

•         Hold a cultural exchange session

•         Share sustainable waste management solutions

Qualifications and skills: No special skills and qualifications are required for this program.

2-5 volunteers. These can arrive as individuals or as teams/groups.
Minimum Stay is 2 weeks.
Volunteers with diverse skills are welcome although those without specific skills are also welcome. Skills include; * Good communication skills * Environment conservation * Working with children
Teaching Child developmemt Conservation Knowledge. Sports coaching.
Daily cost of $9 for the length of your stay. Depending on the length of your stay, volunteers are required to pay a small daily fee of $9 USD and this cost caters for your accommodation, meals and transport in the project area.

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Yellow Knife, Masaka, Uganda

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