Volunteer with Rural Children

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Udaipur, India via kindly anonymous
Dr. Samvit Audichya
samaudichya [at] gmail [dot] com


Development Action Awareness Nationwide is a grassroots organization working for indian rural village youth education, basic health and hygiene. We are also supporting other causes like helping HIV patients and homeless people with serious mental and physical disabilities. 


We are looking for people who are interested in participating in our cultural exchange program as well as volunteering for our foundation as a teacher assistant and working with HIV positive children. We also need someone who can market our guest house which is a source of funding for our rural youth education and awareness centers. The volunteers mostly work for 5 hrs during the day: 1hr of online search, 1hr travel to centers and 3hrs of actual field work. They can work for longer if they wish to but normally, from our side, we expect them to work for 5 hrs for 5 days a week. At any point of time we can have a group of 4 to 6 people. We can place them on different projects mostly volunteering with children education, health and recreation activities.
We prefer volunteers who stay for a period of one month. However, if someone wishes to come for lesser time, then we consider them as visitors and share with them our work, vision and dreams.
No specific skills needed, just an openness, loving and hard-working attitude.
Teaching English, Mathematics, Arts and Crafts at our youth centers. Supporting children with HIV. Working on our organic farm. Helping with marketing and fundraising.
The money contribution covers the accommodation in our A class homestay which includes breakfast and transportation to and from the village locations. We also provide complimentary wifi. It is possible for the volunteers to use the bicycles and, if available, we also provide laptops for research work. We prefer if the volunteers stay for a month’s time. The fee for that period of time is $240 USD, or only $8 USD. This includes the stay, breakfast, internet, support and transportation to and from the village locations.

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Udaipur, India

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