Volunteer in a rural elementary School

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This Initiative needs more details - and probably more help.

Yaounde, Cameroon via kindly anonymous
Leonard Ngenfue
capecam20 [at] yahoo [dot] com
+237 75036025

Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School is an educative project initiated by the Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC). The project aimed to tackle one of the many problems that affect children in our community. This area is mainly rural and children face a lot of difficulties to obtain basic education. Literacy rate is very low. Even though the government created a government school in Nkolfoulou it has not supported it with adequate infrastructure and teachers. Parents have therefore preferred to use their children in the farms. Our Mission is to provide education to the children of the rural area of Nkolfoulou, so they would not be deprived of education based on their locality or family financial circumstances.CAPEC wish is to put up a structure which will guarantee low cost fees for poor families create jobs and become self sufficient. CAPEC attempts to bridge the gap between rich and poor by offering good quality education for the most underprivileged. The Nursery and Primary will benefit children from Nkolfoulou village, and children from other neighbouring villages of Baaba, Ntinga, Nkabo, Eboko, and Essebi Villages shall benefit making a total number of more than 2000 children

300euros for food,lodging, water electricity,airport pickup

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Omnisport, Yaounde, Cameroon

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