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Mae Sai, Thailand via
Chris Fogden
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Our vision is to assist in the struggle to alleviate poverty in the world by encouraging and helping individuals to work at the source of each problem. We refer to this as the grassroots - where the real heart of the situation lies and where the problem is best solved.

Increasing awareness of a problem is part of the process of alleviating that same problem, and by facilitating the placement of volunteers, we can help remove the smoke screen of ignorance that surrounds poverty and encourage a proactive approach to tackling it.

As global citizens we are recognising a worldwide shift towards what can be described as an awakening and with that, a clearer understanding of what is truly happening in the world - more specifically the role our governments play in preventing equality and justice.

More and more individuals are waking up to the reality that too many people in the world are restricted in life opportunities, in their ability to lead fulfilled lives, by the inherent inequality and injustice in the world.

However, from experience, we know that the individual can make a difference and we aim to bridge the gap between the people who really want to make a difference (you!) and the people who need your help.



The inspiration behind Karma Projects came from a small group of open-minded travellers who were fortunate enough to discover a small project for street children in Northern Thailand in 2006. Drawn together by a desire to make a difference in the world and to help those really in need - these individuals became a team who quickly fell in love with the beauty they found in the innocence and creative minds of 100 hungry children!

Together they discovered how much of a difference they could make to the lives of these children. Unfortunately however, they accepted (with some begrudgement and pain!) that they would have to return to their 'normal lives' - but not without offering the opportunity for others to taste a little of the satisfaction of what they had achieved, and what could so easily be experienced by others.

Thus it was that Karma Projects was born - because we believe that life is about fulfillment of the soul, a true awakening, which can so easily be experienced and lived by sharing our joy with others, to allow other souls to walk their paths


Childlife in its most basic form is a rescue centre for street children, located in Mae Sai, a small town in northern Thailand on the border with Myanmar (Burma). This area lies within what is known as the Golden Triangle, where Burma, Laos and China can all be seen bordering the Mekong River.

Childlife works as a rescue centre for street children, the majority of whom are from a Hill Tribe called Akha. The Akha originated in China and are now spread throughout the Golden Triangle area of SE Asia. The Akha are a unique culture who are easily recognisable with their brightly coloured handmade clothes and head gear. Many Akha villages have now become popular tourist attractions for backpackers in Northern Thailand.

In Burma the Akha are not recognised as Burmese citizens by the military government. They are deprived of an education and other human rights that we take for granted every day. The fallout of this is that many children from Akha villages try to escape into Thailand. However the often get stuck at the border where they live their lives as border children.

Childlife's mission is to help these children, who are very much at risk from child labour, human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. This is achieved by intercepting these children in the first instance, caring for them as a family would and more subtly by increasing awareness of their situation.

Childlife was set up in 1999, and has since grown hugely, with now over 140 children in its care.


Volunteering at Childlife

Working at Childlife is massively rewarding. There really are many different ways you can get involved! In the past we have had people teach the children some basic English, which is a lot of fun and not as daunting as you might think! You can organise different activities such as sports games or any random fun activity. If you would prefer to utilise other skills you might have then we are open to suggestions.

To find out more please contact us and we can send you the volunteer pack we have put together for Childlife. This includes the stories of past and current volunteers.




Caring, dynamic, proactive and independant minded volunteers required.
1 month minimum is recommended.
No specific skill set required. Skills that we specifiically need though includes: teaching English or other subjects, first aid, working with children, gardening, maintenance.
Working, playing, acting as a carer for children aged between 3 to 17. Fundraising. Event organinising...the list is endless.
Volunteers required to fundraise or sponser a donation of £500.

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Tachilek, Mae Sai, Thailand

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