...or DO sign up and put struggling Initiatives on the map by clicking "Add Initiative"... it might kind of make this world a little bit better.


Why not give it a try?

There's no need to sign up. It's all open. You can find your Initiative now. And please spread the word on Facebook & Twitter...


Sounds sweet. But does it work?

Let's find out! So far, we have connected finance experts with microfinance institutions, construction workers with community centers, caregivers with orphan homes, and many more...

5. active outreach to initiatives

Our community actively reaches out to the smallest grassroots that are not yet "linked in", the ones that can't yet reach to the water.

4. web of trust

We offer ways to establish trust and distinguish between scams and struggling grass roots. Link back to your CouchSurfing profile (or other trusted platforms) to underline your true support.

3. web 2.0, listening

Of course this site is integrated with twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr - bringing all that fuzz to the true grass roots initiatives that really need them. And we care a lot for every suggestion we get!

2. largest on the web

Thanks to kind support from the makers of websites, we are already the largest searchable collection of free and low-fee "Volunteering Opportunities" on the internet. And our dynamic communty will keep it this way. But there's more...

1. travelling contributors

Initiatives appear on our site via skilled independent changemakers (pro-active volunteers) who visit them and personally vouch for them. They showcase their Journeys. They contribute their skills, share their ideas - and inspire us.

Kindmankind is one of a kind because...

  1. travelling contributors
  2. largest on the web
  3. web 2.0, and listening
  4. web of trust
  5. active outreach to grassroots

What is Kindmankind?

It is where independent changemakers find grass roots initiatives around the world and help out with their skills while sharing the result with others. It is and will always be completely free.

So what's New?

Right. We hear you thinking there's many such platforms already. So what's new about kindmankind?

Of Course. And we know many:

independentvolunteer.org wiserearth.org practicalaction.org volunteersouthamerica.net betterplace.org helpx.net volunteeringinfo.org changemakers.com the7interchange.com idealist.org socialactions.com inveneo.org ecoteer.com ushahidi.com empowered.org  betterworld-network.com voluntarios.netfirms.com craigconnects.org truetravellers.org globalgiving.org volunteerinfo.org

They're all good. Please use them.

Thank you for reading this!

Still curious? Read more in the about-page. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Have a Kind day.

kindly yours,