What is an Initiative?

We're glad you asked! An Initiative on Kindmankind is any direct action for a better world, carried out by local communities and independent changemakers or "solidarity travelers" who support them.

This can be a literacy campaign, an action sensitizing the youth, an animal shelter, a vaccination campaign, disaster relief, operating a community center, environmental protection, latrine building, teaching in a slum school, a microlending program, water filtration or catchment, and so on...

It can also be any Volunteering Opportunity that an organisation offers without charging the voluntary workers large fees. Normally, a local organisation that accepts volunteers is represented on kindmankind with one initiative. We encourage former volunteers to contribute the organisation they've worked for.

Thus, the Initiatives listed here come from an exciting diversity of sources and provide changemakers with a clear starting point to have an overview of what is happening in the area they are going to. For this, kindmankind needs the help of many collaborators, to share the initiatives they have learned about and deem worthy of our support.

Often, our independent changemakers are so-called "solidarity travelers" who bring their skills and knowledge to regions less traveled. In doing so, they can bring the deciding moment of opportunity to a struggling grassroots initiative.

Therefore, please be bold and share these tiny struggling initiatives, especially when they are not yet well-managed - because that is what kindmen and kindwomen changemakers will help change.






Fresh Initiatives

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